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ouverson sewer & water

NEW HOPE, MN 55428

(612) 751-6888

Ouverson Sewer & Water Patch

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we offer financing!


GreenSky® Credit Program Finance Module Usage Guidelines

By using the GreenSky® Credit Program Finance Module product, you(the merchant and/or merchant’s assignees) agree to follow the below conditions during implementation:

1) Do not alter the embed code created using this tool in ANY way — Should GreenSky’s branding, compliance language or plan terms change, GreenSky® retains the ability to update imagery in the module remotely.

2) Module should not be placed in proximity to any content or imagery that may be damaging to GreenSky, LLC or the GreenSky® Program brand — The GreenSky® Program Finance Module should not be implemented on any page or site that may, by association or otherwise, result in damage to GSTC or the GreenSky® Program brand.

3) Merchant agrees to adhere to the GreenSky® Program Merchant Marketing Guidelines to ensure ethical and best practices are followed.

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