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How it Works

Do you have multiple breaks in your line?

We are a Hammerhead™ Trenchless Certified Installer. If your home sewer line suffers from root damaged pipes, unsealed joint connections, or crack and holes, cured-in-place pipe relining may be the solution for you.  Pipe relining will save you substantial costs as well as the mess of trench excavation.  

The CIPP lining process can be used to rehabilitate pipes. It can be used in a variety of gravity and pressure applications such as sanitary sewers, storm sewers, process piping, electrical conduits and ventilation systems. HammerHead lateral lining systems allow you to repair cracked or broken pipes, eliminate roots, bridge missing pipe sections and stop infiltration and exfiltration.

WE guarantee that our liner will seal the last joint before the city main

the simple process

1. Step One


2. Step two

Busted pipe animation

3. Liner expands & 

seals old pipe.

Inside Pipe Liner

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